2011 European Robotics Forum

Date and Meeting Venue

6-7-8 April 2011, Vasteras, Sweden

AIRobots will be present at the 2011 European Robotics Forum, which will take place in in Vasteras, Sweden, on April 6, 7 and 8, 2011. Prof. Lorenzo Marconi will present the objectives, the technologies and the first outcomes of the project during the workshop on “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” that will take place on April 8. More information and the program can be found at the web site of the event and of the workshop on UAVs.

Below the list of the talks planned during the workshop: 1. Steven Bellens – Intelligent task specification for UAVs: Research Overview 2. Lorenzo Marconi – AIRobots interacting with the environment: from flying vehicles to flying robots 3. Paolo Robuffo Giordano – Towards aerial telerobotics: Enabling human operators to bilaterally control single/multiple UAVs for accomplishing remote tasks 4. Carlos Eduardo Almeida, Hugo Silva, Jose Miguel Almeida, Alfredo Martins and Eduardo Silva – Developments on Sense & Avoid for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 5. Anibal Ollero – Cooperative aerial robots 6. Craig A. Lindley – Biometric Interfaces for Human-Robot Interaction with a Hexacopter UAV 7. Carmelo Donato Melita – Unmanned Aerial Systems for applications in volcanic environment 8. Viatcheslav Tretyakov and Thorsten Linder -UAVs in USAR domain: Challenges and Difficulties 9. Matteo Matteucci – Opposites Attracts: Aeronautic Determinism and Autonomous Behavior in the UAS synthesis