Links to related FP6/FP7 European projects1. Projects related to human-robot interaction and manipulation

. CHRIS (EU-funded FP7): safe interaction between robot and human in co-operative settings.

. DEXMART (EU-funded FP7): use of robots in industrial and everyday human environments.

. GRASP (EU-funded FP7): cognitive systems for grasping and manipulation in open-ended environments.

. HANDLE (EU-funded FP7): towards autonomy and dexterity in robot in-hand manipulation.

. PHRIENDS (EU-funded FP6): robots co-existing and co-operating with people.
2. Projects related to the development of awareness algorithms and autonomous navigation

. EYESHOTS (EU-funded FP7): interplay between vision and motion control for grasping purposes.

. SFLY (EU-funded FP7): visual navigation algorithms for swarms of miniature quadrotors.
3. Projects related to technological/design aspects

. MUFLY (EU-funded FP6): development of a bird-sized coaxial rotorcraft.

. MUDRONES (EU-unded FP6): development of a a small size aerial robots.
4. Project related to fundamental control research

. GEOPLEX (EU-funded FP5): modelling and control of complex physical systems.

. HYCON (EU-funded FP6): hybrid and networked embedded control systems.

. AWARE (EU-funded FP6): development of a platform for co-operation between aerial vehicles.


Others Links. Unit E5 – Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics

. Skybotix

. AslaTech

. 20sim

. Qball-X4 by Quanser

. The Perching Project at Stanford

. Obstacle Avoidance at UC Berekely

. Moller International at UC Davis

. DIYDrones

. UAV Forge